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Sawyer Owen

Three Cheers for Centertown’s own, Sawyer Owen, our Student of the Week! This energetic 5th grader’s favorite subject is Science.  Sawyer enjoys soccer and playing outside. An Honor Roll student, Sawyer is an active 4-H member.  He’s super excited to visit the Chattanooga Aquarium, Discovery Museum and I-MAX Theatre!  Congratulations Sawyer!  A big thanks to Mrs. Cowan and the entire Centertown Elementary staff for putting community in the classroom!

Issac Stefanick

HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY and congratulations to Issac Stefanick, our Student of the Week! A bright 5th grader at West Elementary, Issac’s favorite subject is Science. He loves playing on the skate park at the McMinnville Civic Center. He’s a member of Beta Club and aspires to be an inventor. Keep up the good work Issac and have fun at the Chattanooga Aquarium, Discovery Museum and I-Max Theatre! A big thanks to Ms. Haston, Ms. Lewis, and the entire West team for putting community in the classroom!

Deisis Perez Guzman

Congratulations to Deisis Perez Guzman, our Student of the Week!   An 8th grader at Morrison School, Deisis’s favorite subjects are Math and Science.  In fact, she loves Math so much, she takes a 7:00 a.m. Algebra class.  Deisis enjoys hanging out with her three sisters and reading in her spare time.  She’s an active member of Beta, Student Council, and Sister Act.  Deisis wants to attend college at Tennessee Tech. With a bright future ahead, we wish Deisis the best on her future endeavors!  A big thanks to Mrs. Cantrell and the entire Morrison School staff for putting community in the classroom.

Justin Spry

Three cheers for Justin Spry, our Student of the Week.  This energetic kindergartener’s favorite subject is playtime!  He loves helping his mom and dad around the house.  An avid t-ball player, Justin wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  Justin has two dogs – one of which his bigger than him.  Keep up the good work Justin, and go Broncos!  A big thanks to Boyd Christian School for putting community into your classrooms.

Hunter Cooper

Hip-hip-hooray for Hunter Cooper, our Student of the Week! The son of amazing parents, Lee and Joyce Cooper, Hunter is a first grader at Covenant Academy.  His mom, Joyce, is a really good lawyer, by-the-way.  At six-years-old, Hunter loves to play outside with his siblings and work on the farm.   He also enjoys spending time with his grandparents.  Hunter is currently training to be in Cub Scouts.  When he grows up, he wants to join the automotive industry. With a bright future ahead, we congratulate Hunter Cooper. A big thanks to Headmaster Stewart and the entire Covenant staff for putting the community in the classroom!

Mark Bouldin

Kicking off this year’s first Student of the Week, we’re proud to introduce Mark Bouldin! A Warren County Middle School student, Mark is 14 years old. His favorite subject is Math. Mark enjoys working in his nursery and spending time with his Grandfather. He also likes playing football with his brothers. Mark wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. An Honor Roll student, we congratulate Mark Bouldin! A big thanks to Mr. Collier, Mr. Tidwell and the entire staff at Warren County Middle School for putting community in the classroom!

Eli Davis

Three cheers for Morrison Elementary’s, Eli Davis, our Student of the Week! This bright third grader’s favorite subject is Math. Eli enjoys Legos, video games, and being a kid. Eli successfully completed Jump Rope for Heart and was second highest in raising money! He’s a straight “A” student with perfect attendance. With a bright future ahead, we congratulate Eli Davis! A big thanks to Ms. Newby and Ms. Cantrell for putting community in the classroom!

Jayven Hillis

Hip Hip Hooray for Jayven Hillis, our Student of the Week! An energetic 4th grader at West Elementary, Jayven’s favorite subject is Math. He loves jumping on his trampoline and spending time with his family. He’s an Honor Roll student with a bright future ahead! A big thanks to Mrs. Lewis and her wonderful staff for putting community in the classroom!
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